Iraqi football stadium blast: Suicide bomber blew himself to kill over 30 people

Bagdad: Yesterday, i.e. on Friday, 25th March, a real battle in Football stadium was experienced when a suicide bomber blew himself thereon, and the incident resulted in the killing of over 30 people and also around 60 persons were found injured in the blast, as shown in the reports.

It was witnessed by many that while there was a match in the small stadium in the city of Iskanderiyah, which is around thirty miles away from Bagdad. Further, the Officials found stated that as per Medical Officials confirmed the death toll. Notably, the information given by officials were given on the condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to talk to the press.

Moreover, as per statements of Islamic State group which are published online, SITE intelligence group, which is a monitoring organization, the IS group has claimed its responsibility in connection its this Suicide bomb blast.

It is also notable that the Islamic State group has been funding the campaign for the Suicide bomb blasting in and around the capital as forces from Iraq and also their collaborators battle the militants in the North and West of the country.

It was also seen that the incident experienced after Yahya Rusoul- the Iraqi Military announced to the effect that the Iraqi groups and Sunni tribal fighters recaptured the Kubeisa town in the estern Anbar province from the Islamic State group. Also, a day before, Islamic States fighters were pushed out for a string of villages in the northern Nineveh province of Iraq, under cover of heavy coalition airstrikes.

Moreover, for building the gain freshly in the Anbar, the Iraq’s ground forces are working hard and also they now appears prepared for an eventual push on the Mosul- the northern city which is largest one as held by the militants in the ‘Caliphate’ they declared from the parts of Iraq and Syria.

As per, US- headed coalition’s estimate, at the time Islamic States group have lost Forty per cents of the territory which was held by it once, and also around twenty per cents of the Syrian territory.

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