Is Robert Vadra having House in UK? BJP claims probe

Robert Vadra

New Delhi: When Income- Tax Department’s investigation is made into the transactions of the arms dealer- Sanjay Bhandari, then a spotlight has been trained on Sanjay’s alleged links with Robert Vadra- Congress Party’s Chief- Sonia Gandhi’s Son- In- Law, particularly, in connection with the ownership of a house in Central London.

The information is revealed by the sources and as per them the Income- Tax Department while searching the premises of the Sanjay seized some papers and they revealed that there were e- mails of conversation between Robert and his assistant and also the Sanjay’s aide Sumit Chadha in connection with the purchase of house in London for approximately 19 crore of rupees in the year 2009.

However, when the Vadra was required to comment, his legal firm denied such London properties ownership, directly or indirectly. But, now the matter has grabbed political attention, as such BJP is now taking interests in it and its MP- Kirit Somaiya is seeking an investigating agencies to look into media reports.He found stating that recently media report had mentioned a property in London owned by Mr. Vadra by proxy. “It quotes a government report stating that the arms dealer- Shri Sanjay Bhandari is holding a house at 12 Ellerton House.”

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