Islamic States warns crucifying of Indian Priest in Yemen: Is a truth or “Rumour”?

Father Tom Uzhunnalil

Yemen: A priest from India, as he served in Karnataka for several years, allegedly abducted by the Islamic State, thus, it can be safely said that the conflict developing in Yemen is leaving its impact in India.

It is seen, reportedly, that the fear amongst the colleagues of concerned priest is growing in Bengaluru, India as there have been rumours from the Islamic States terrorists that they would crucify this priest on Good Friday, i.e. on 25th day of March. However, the responsibility of his abduction is not being yet taken by any organization, thus, it can be treated as just a rumour.

In fact, it is notable that the priest, namely, Father Tom Uzhunnalil was told to be abducted after the attacks of Militants in the Old age home on 4th day of March, and that concerned old age home is in Yemen (Aden). It is further remarkable that around Sixteen people were killed by the terrorists, where some 4 nuns were also seemed including it. And all such incidents were shown in the reports published in the Daily Mirror- The newspaper from United Kingdom.

Moreover, the issue of his abduction was raised/ burnt when Sunita Kumar- the spokesperson of Missionaries of Charity found stated earlier, this month in Kolkata, that concerned priest- Father Tom Uzhunnalil was handcuffed by the terrorists and later they taken away him and it was happened while there was an attack at the retirement home in Aden.

It was also seen that the Pope Francis, who at Vatican City in his Sunday Message found stated that the nuns who were killed in the attack “have given their blood for the Church”.

Moreover, even the Bangaluru- based Church’s official also found denying the reports of priest torture of the terrorist as ‘rumours’ and it was further sought to maintain that these officials are having no information on the priest. Such statements were published on the website UCA News.

However, as per Sushma Swaraj- External Affairs Minister, found tweeted on 6th March, that “Yemen is a conflict zone” and India has no Embassy in Yemen, however, the Indian Government would “spare no efforts” for rescuing priest.

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