ISRO’s idea on Climate Change led to other major space agencies to develop their satellites monitoring carbon emission

Climate Change

Bengaluru: The Indian Space Research Organization- ISRO has adopted a major initiative in the war on Climate Change, and this has led to all the major global space agencies gathering together to develop satellites which will monitor the emissions of carbon for each country. Here, the Chairman to ISRO- Mr. A. S. Kiran Kumar and also the President to French National Centre for Space Studies- Jean- Yves Le Gall, worked together to get all heads of the space agency’s together for a meeting on the issues of sidelines of the Asia- Pacific Remote Sensing Symposium.

In New Delhi, from 3rd to 7th April, the symposium which was jointly organised by ISRO, Earth Sciences Ministry and International Society for Optics and Photonics- SPIE and in such meeting, the decision for launching carbon and greenhouse gas monitoring satellites was taken.

Moreover, given importance to the meet held at Delhi, other major space agencies announced, officially, their plans to develop and launch satellites to monitor carbon emissions. The DCCC- Divecha Centre for Climate Change’s chairman- Prof. J. Srinivasan informed BM that the measuring carbon emission from space along is extremely difficult, unless space- based measurements are compared and analysed with ground based and airborne ones. Notably, the promise from India side is very clear that by 2030 the carbon emission would be reduced from 33% to 35% per unit of its GDP.

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