Jammu and Kashmir Police says, no requirement of “certificate” of Nationalism

Srinagar: On their firing over the lathicharge on the non- local students of the NIT- National Institute of Technology, the Jammu and Kashmir Police’s two senior officials found hitting back, by saying that they do not require any “certificate” of nationalism or impartiality from anyone.

It was seen that the said statements were made by the Police Officer- Mubassir Latifi who is an SSP posted with the elite Crime Branch and second officer- Firoz Yehya who is Deputy Superintendent of Police at Baramulla Headquarters found taking the help of social media for showing their anguish on the criticisms against the Jammu and Kashmir State Police for their action against the Students at NIT. Their statements were released on a day before yesterday, i.e. on Thursday, 7th April.

As per the Facebook account post, which is shown associated with the Senior Police officer- Mr. Latifi “ J&K police doesn’t need any certificate of nationalism or impartiality from those whose valour doesn’t extend beyond their keypads.” Moreover, the said Police officer who is also Masters in Law, also found stated that “J&K police is a saga of sacrifice and courage and has brought this State out of a madness called terrorism.”

The said Official also added that the State’s police “doesn’t discriminate” on the ground of any Local and Non- local marks. He also said that the State police also not enjoys the “beating up people”. He sought to explain the incident as the “force” is being involved by the Police for “maintenance of law and Order” and also to “disperse unlawful assembly of People”.

He also found written in his post that, the Police “knows how to take on crime” terming that when anyone is resorting to “violence is committing a crime”.

Moreover, the another Senior Police official- Mr. Firoz Yehya said that many of his colleagues have been asking and many more be thinking “whose war are we fighting?” and he could only respond them by saying that “this is just another phase and will pass”.

It was seen earlier that in connection with the unrest among the students on 5th April, the Police resorted to the Lathicharge on the non- local students and they found the ground that those students were trying to come out on the road from the campus.

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