Japan against hit by earthquake measuring 7.3 magnitude: Eleven dies; and numbers increasing

Japan earth quake

Tokyo: Early, on Saturday, i.e. today on 16th April, the Japan again faced a dangerous 7.3 magnitude earth quake which has struck southern Japan and around 11 people were killed and around hundreds of the people received injuries as the buildings collapsed and people trapped in it, as per the media reports. A day before yesterday, there was a 6.4 magnitudes earth quake shaken Japan in the region and around nine people were killed therein.

It was seen that only Friday, a day which was offered to reassemble the people and a rest day given, and today, again earth quake hurt with little more effects. It was seen also that the warning of damage over a wide area was give by the authorities with the reports of fires, and power outages, bridges were collapsed and earth found tore to gap holes.

Moreover, today’s earth quake has now activated the advisory of the tsunami, however, till the time there was no irregularities reported at the 3 nuclear power plants in the area, as per the Government Officials.

It was seen the said earth quake was experienced at about 1: 25 AM in the midnight around time today. Moreover, rescue efforts were seen in the area however, eleven people found seriously trapped in the university apartment in the town of Minami Aso. Moreover, as per the news agency, there are around 11 deaths and over 760 people injured and being treated in the Hospitals, however, about the people’s number who would have suffered serious injuries is not clear.

As per Yoshihide Suga- a Chief Cabinet Secretary said “we are making every efforts to respond”. He also shown believing that around Eighty people were trapped or buried in the rubble.

Moreover, as per the United States Geological Survey, the said earth quake’s epicentre was near the city of Kumamoto and it was measured at a shallow depth of about 10 Kilo meters.

As per Shinzo Abe- the Prime Minister, he said there may be possibly a damage over “a wide area”.

It was shown by the USGS website’s “Magnitude Difference Calculator” that this earth quake of Saturday was twenty- two times more powerful in terms of the energy released, than what earlier experienced on Thursday on 14th April.

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