Japan faced strong 6.0- magnitude quake, but no Tsunami: No injury or death

Japan earth quake

Tokyo: Today, on first April, an Offshore earth quake with strong 6.0- magnitude struck off southwest coast of Japan, as per Geological survey of United States. However, the local authorities found stated that there is no danger of a tsunami. It was seen in the morning time nearly at about 11:39 AM (0239 GMT) that the said earth quake hit off the coast of main Honshu island of Japan, at a location nearly 350 kilometres southwest of Tokyo, Japan, as stated by the USGS and the Meteorological Agency of Japan.

The measured Quake was at a relatively low depth of TEN Kilometres. And notably, the most important there is no damage or injuries were reported, immediately after such incident, even though there was an heavy shaking, which has now forced some of the bullet trains in the country to temporarily stop running, as reported by the Public Broadcaster NHK.

It is notable that the Japan is being considered by the experts as one of the most concerned country, when they found around 20 percents of the most powerful earthquakes from around the World are experienced in the country.

It was seen earlier in the year 2011 (March) that the country was shaken with the massive undersea quake which had sent a tsunami into the northeast coast of the Japan, and in the result of the same, around Eighteen thousands and above people found dead or missing.

The epicentre was about 170 kilo meters (105 miles) southeast of Osaka, and roughly Eighty kilo meters (around Fifty miles) from where the leaders of the G- 7 nations will meet for their annual summit in May.

As seen herein above, the authorities have briefly interrupted the fast- running train services nearby the vicinity and all the elevators in the Sixty- story Abeno Harukas in Osaka are also stopped automatically, as shown by the operator of the Building.

Now, the only this which can give relief to the people that no one is trapped or harmed due to such strong earth quake and by the time the things which have stopped working, will also be started.

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