Japan faces Earthquake of 6.4 magnitude walls, ceilings collapsed; Authorities says no risk for tsunami

Japan earth quake

Tokyo: Yesterday, i.e. on 14th April, Japan’s southern area in the evening time faced a powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4, and this has shown its impact by knocking over the houses, as per the Police reports who said the people may be trapped underneath.

However, from 9: 26 PM of the same day, the earthquake shown no immediate casualties as per reports and also officials says there was no risk as to tsunami.

As per one- Takahiko Morita from the residents of the Mashiki, the town at the epicentre, who said in a telephone interview that “there was a ka- boom and the whole house shook violently sideways,” and “Furniture and bookshelves fell down, books were all over the floor.”

Moreover, the resident- Morita also said that in his neighbourhood also, he experienced that some houses and walls were collapsed, and now the situation is little critical as the water supply is also cut off.

Further as per the Police officials from the prefecture- Kumamoto, said that the reports as to collapsing of the number of the houses and buildings was received by them and they also said that people possibly trapped inside.

The Kumamoto city’s east area where Mashiki is located, which is about 800 miles from the Tokyo as such received serious impact of earthquake yesterday.

As per Yoshihide Suga being a Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan who found telling to the News conference that the damage was being assessed, but there were no abnormalities at nearby nuclear facilities.

From the Sendai Nuclear Plant, the epicentre was around 120 kilometers northeast located and this is the only one operating in the country.

Moreover, as per the footage brought from the NHK which has shown the Mashiki town hall with the power cut, in dark and number of people running here and there windows glasses broken, fire breaks out in some areas and people with officials fighting against fire, etc.

In the Uki City also, the city hall’s ceiling parts also found collapsed due to earth quake and some of the windows were shown broken.

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