JD(U) MLC’s killer Son’s surrender is in high demands; Police ensures justice


Gaya, Bihar: In the wake of the biggest tragedy against youth who was allegedly shot dead by the Son of Member of Legislative council- Manorama Devi who is also belonging to the Janata Dal (United) party, now the demands for creating pressure to ask him to surrender before the Police or Magistrate have been mounting in the locality.

Notably, there have been seen raids which were conducted on the probable hideouts of the said Son- Rocky of Manorama Devi. The boy who was gunned down by him, was only in Class XII, and the reason behind the sudden anger was shown reportedly as the said boy had overtaken the SUV, wherein Rocky was driven.

Moreover, as per the sources, the family member from the Rocky’s family including Manorama Devi would ask him surrender taking a cue from the Nawada MLA Rajballabh Yadav’s experience. The sources also found stated that if the Police would take the coercive measure like attachment of the Properties for maintaining pressure on the family, the accused- son- Rocky would surrender withing the next couple of days.

Moreover, the Police also showing their co- operation to get the accused behind the bars, as stated by the IG of Patna Zone- Mr. Naiyyar Hasnain Khan, who told that no stone will be left unturned to bring Rocky to Justice. Moreover, the other police officials, reportedly said that the investigating personnel will surely approach before the court for getting their property attachment order, which would be the mandatory requirement for the confiscating the moving assets of an absconder.

Moreover, police officials also said that the speedy remedies would be involved in the case for ensuring early justice.

Moreover, while so, the examination of the Vehicles which were used while the offence was committed were done by the Forensic Scientists. Also other instances have been examined by them.

However, when the father of Rocky- Bindi Yadav recorded his statements and claimed earlier that his son was in Delhi. Subsequently, he told media that his son- Rocky fired the bullet in self- defence.

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