JNU Student’s leader- Kanhaiya Kumar deplaned for petty reasons

Kanhaiya Kumar

New Delhi: The Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Students Union leader- Kanhaiya Kumar has alleged that he was assaulted on a Jet Airways flight, which was to go to Pune, on today’s morning, on 24th April, while the location was in Mumbai. The assaulter being the co- passenger, however, Kanhaiya did not mention as why and how the quarrel took place.

Moreover, in the development of the situation, the said co- passenger was identified by the CISF and as per them, he was Manas Jyoti Deka.

While so, the instances of such incident were tweeted by the Students’ leader- Kanhaiya and in his allegations, he also involved the Airline accusing it for offloading him along with his alleged attacker.

Moreover, Mr. Kanhaiya also found stating that the said accused- Deka “works in TCS, a strong BJP supporter assaulted” him while he was inside the aircraft. While so, Kanhaiya also sought to ask that “Is assault the only tool you have, to fight dissent?”

He posted today, on 24th April, Sunday on Twitter in the manner “Yet again, this time inside the aircraft, a man tries to strangulate me.” Also he blames saying that “after the incident Jetairways staff completely refuses to take any action against the man who assaulted me.”

He also said that the said airline saw no difference between his attacker and him, and in result, the said airline took “interesting stand” and deplaned both of them for the “security reasons.”

However, the notable issue in connection with this incident is that the said airlines issued statements however, did not responded to any such charges which the Students’ leader- Kanhaiya preferred against them.

While so, the Police carried out an initial investigation, where they found that the said case was not of an assault, however, there was a bit fight amongst Mr. Kanhaiya and his alleged assaulter over a petty argument.

In the preliminary inquiry, the officials from the Sahar Police said that the they have “learnt that the co- passenger had a window seat and while taking the seat he bumped into Kanhaiya.” And thereafter “they pushed each other. But there was nothing like an assault or a fight.”

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