JNU, while facing Students’ Hunger Strike, now Teachers and Alumni also joined strike

Jawaharlal Nehru University

New Delhi: After the long Ten day’s old continued hunger strike at the Jawaharlal Nehru University based at Delhi, though there is no response coming out from the side of the University administration, but now in the development, yesterday on Saturday, 7th May it was seen that the JNU teachers and Alumni joined the said protest of students.

It is notable here that the students in the Jawaharlal Nehru University- JNU are protesting for their demands against the decision taken by the JNU authorities by imposing “harsh” punishment against the Nineteen Students who were found guilty by the JNU authorities in connection with the event which was organised on 9th day of February, this year and where the alleged demonstration was seen against the execution of the Parliament attached convict- Afzal Guru. The students and their leader were also booked for Sedition charges, as they allegedly termed the execution of Afzal Guru, as ‘Judicial Killing’.

The students are challenging the said decision of the University as to imposition of the punishment against the JNU’s student leader- Kanhaiya Kumar and others, and as such they set up protest by initiating a hunger strike in the campus of University, from last month’s last day.

Now, from today, the teachers’ association from the JNU also began their indefinite hunger strike and to this association the alumni also appeared joining the protest and fast for a single day. Moreover, the State is also facing the protests by alumni associations in 8 cities wherein the cities like Calcutta and Patna also including.

Moreover, when the teachers’ association joined the protest, the secretary to this association, namely, Bikramadity Choudhary found stated that the hunger strike of the organisation was in support of the Students and in protest against the administration’s “threatening tactics” against the body of teachers.

A day before yesterday, i.e. on 6th May, the University’s authority found accusing the association of the teachers, for their inviting the outsiders in the campus of university, and that it saw as detrimental to the academic atmosphere.

However, Choudhary found stated that “the administration is trying to implicate the teachers’ association. We are protesting the threatening tactics to silence the voice of teachers.”

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