Kanhaiya Kumar in Pune says PM- Modi must develop tech over drought in Marathwada

Kanhaiya Kumar

Pune; Maharashtra: Yesterday, on Sunday 24th April, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar- the Students’ leader from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, said that our Indian Prime Minister- Narendra Modi should develop technology for eradicating the drought issue in Marathwada and not to address gram sabhas. He was pointed, reportedly, referring the tweet which was posted by PM- Modi on Sunday.

Moreover, the Students’ leader showing himself as the son of farmer, said that “if you are a son of a ‘chaiwala” and further said “Let’s talk about uplifting the people below poverty line and provide free education from KG to PG.” it was reportedly a taunt against the PM- Modi’s agenda.

It was seen that the said students’ leader- Kanhaiya Kumar who reached Pune under the tight police security, was taken to the Balgandharva Rangmandir, where at abour 5.30 PM he reached, and then for about fifty minutes he was seemed speaking on various topics, in which he specifically covered the Political discourse spread from Jawaharlal Nehru University to Hyderabad, Drought issue, Employment issue, Education issue, and alternate politics.

It was also seen that he was invited in the said talk which was organized by a Purogami Vidyarthi Yuvak Sangharsh Samiti, which a body including about twenty students’ unions in the State of Maharashtra. While so, the students’ leader- Kanhaiya hold the command and addressed a large number of students’ gathering. Moreover, some sloganeer were also seen.

Notably, when Kanhaiya started journey from Mumbai, in the morning time, he faced trouble in which he was allegedly attacked inside a Pune- bound plane, then he travelled to Pune by road.

After than incident, he also sought to blame the authorities in the plane who deplaned him along with the co- passenger between who sources said a bit fight was occurred. Now, Kanhaiya also lodge complaint in that connection in the police station.

While, commenting on such incident, Kanhaiya during his address to the crowd, said that “the morning attack in the plane was by a BJP supporter and the police is lying that it was due to a fight over the seat. But fights over seat happen in general body meetings, local trains in Mumbai, not in planes. The BJP is trying to scare me but I’m not afraid of these incidents. We lost one Rohith, but another Rohith will be born and many more will live.”

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