Karnataka Health Department issues guidelines for its citizens to fight against Heat stroke

heat stroke guideliness

Karnataka: This summer has came as a fiend to us, and reportedly there is no escaping the deadly heat this summer and specially in India the citizens know it better, this year. As such looking to the evil effect of the heat waves and sharp sun lights, the Karnataka Health Department has issued an advisory and set the guidelines for the citizens on chance of heat stroke.

It is also shown that the said department from Karnataka has also appealed the people for avoiding the stepping out of their homes between noon and 3 PM. And as per the climate experts, for the heat wave like situations, the temperature in plains should exceed 40 degree Celsius.

Health and Family Welfare department personal- U. T. Khader found stated yesterday, on 26th day of April that the said department is releasing the guidelines after considering the rising level of temperature in the most of the parts of the state of Karnataka.

Moreover, in their guidelines, the department also found providing all possible information for the people who as per the departments to war light- coloured and loose clothes so that to protect their bodies from sun’s evil effect. Moreover, the guidelines also offering all the other instructions to the people till the one where they are asked to replenish body fluids at regular intervals, for maintaining their bodies’ temperature.

Moreover, the people from the urban areas specially asked by the department in their guidelines to apply sunscreen lotions while they are stepping out of their homes. Such sunscreen lotions of sun protection factor- SPF 30 or more. Moreover, they are also asked to consume electrolyte- rich drinks for replenishing depleting salt levels in the system. Not only this but the department has also asked the people to drink at least 4 glasses- 720 ml of the fluids every two hours before any sort of activity and also about 250 ml of water later.

Moreover, the department also seemed advising the people, if they would find any person suffering from heat stroke, then that person to be immediately shifted to the nearest hospital. Thus, the fight against the heat strokes, we all need to co- operate each other for maintaining the good healthy conditions, during summer.

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