Keenan- Reuben Murder Case: Special Court holds all Four Accused guilty and Sentenced to Life Imprisonment


Mumbai: In the result of the legal proceedings against the accused persons in the 2011 Amboli Murder case of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez, the special women’s Court today, on Thursday, convicted and sentenced all the four men accused to suffer life imprisonment.

The two deceased persons- Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez were defending their women friends from the four molesters. And in result of the battle, they were murdered by such molesters. As such, the police after enquiry arrested the now convicted four men persons on 20th day of 2011, in the same night when murder was caused.

Moreover, it was notable that the case become famous in the country, as it had sent a shock wave among the people in the country and after this case or incident, the people caring for women and girls in the country started their campaigns with the demand of safe environment for such women and girls.

While so, now the judgement is pronounced by the Special Judge- Vrushali Joshi, who today in the decision of the court decided to convict and sentence the accused persons four in number. The verdict is pronounced in the presence of all such accused persons and also in presence of the family members of the victims.

The victim or deceased who were murdered by such four people, were youngsters and Keenan was of only twenty- four- year- old and Reuben was only of twenty- nine- year- old, on the date of incident.

Moreover, it is also notable here that since from the arrest of the accused persons, namely, Jitesha Rana, Sunil Bodh, Satish Dulhaj and Dipak Tival were in behind the bars, in jail.

Also as confirmed by Ujjwal Nikam- a special public prosecutor in the case, he said there were five eye witnesses to this incident, among the twenty- eight witnesses and these including two women who were stating to the effect that the deceased persons were defending the women friends.

It was seen that the victims were attacked by the accused persons after the scuffle, nearby a Paan Shop in Amboli in Andheri west.

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