Kerala Assembly Polls: Keralites could swing either way; BJP may become kingmaker

BJP in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Today, on Monday about 26.1 million of the voters in Kerala state would be going to cast their votes to the election booths for electing the 140 members to the legislative assembly of Kerala State, from amongst the 1,203 candidates among them about 109 candidates are women.

Moreover, as per the reports from the Election Commission, they has identified that there are about 1,300 election booths which are termed by it as “critical” as they were having past records of ‘political violence’ and many of them falls in Kannur district, in the state.

The results of such elections will be declared on coming Thursday, and as the said elections are of most importance, the various national parties have participated through their candidates. About 87 candidates are contesting from the Congress Party, its Indian Union Muslim League ally in twenty- three. Also, about 85 candidates are contesting under Communist Party (Marxist); Left ally CPI is doing so in 25. And Modi’s party- BJP is also contesting with 98 candidates. And there are 782 independent candidates.

Moreover, notably, this time the BJP is shown to have alliance with the eleven regional parties. Also, Prime Minister- Narendra Modi also visited the state several times for campaigning and other purposes.

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