Kerala- based Old- man kills his Wife and Son for using Air Conditioner: Though attempts to suicide but failed

Angamaly, Kerala: As per the officials, an eighty- five years old man allegedly killed his wife and ailing son in Kerala State for their using the Air Conditioner and for their non- following to his instructions on bringing down the electricity bill.

Moreover, the old- man, namely, Paul Painadathu who has also allegedly attempted to commit suicide after attacking fatally to his Seventy- Four years old Wife and also a Fifty- four years old son. He used a sharp edged iron bar for attacking them.

The said old- man and alleged killer was serving in a Railway department and in present he is retired from his office. He reportedly, taken into the custody by the Police officials and as per Police officials the investigation in the case is being initiated.

It was shown in connection with this incident that the said old- man after committing the said killings, has also called his another son who is working in Qatar and told him about the incident and later he also informed him that he was going to commit suicide. However, the said another son in panic situation decided to call immediately their relatives who are staying in the neighbourhood, and later these relatives at the earliest possible opportunity informed the incident to Police.

It was seen that the said Old- man, as per police was always warning against the over- use of Air Conditioner, because of the escalating electricity Bill, however, the said Wife and Son were ignoring his instructions and last night when they took their AC on, the Old- man get anger. As such, the angry old- Man killed his wife and son who had recently undergone treatment for heart decease.

Both the deceased, his wife and his son were sleeping in the room, Old Man entered and hit them with the iron bar, as such both of them died of this, on the spot. Later, he decided to kill himself by hanging from the roof, however, due to old- age he could not climb the ladder and his plan was failed.

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