Kerala lottery tickets sale increases during Oomen Chandy’s tenure

Thiruvananthapuram: From the sale of Lottery tickets in Kerala, the proceeds climbed from 557 crore rupees to a staggering 5,696 rupees crore during the five- years tenure of the present Oommen Chandy Government. It is after a weekly cabinet meeting, Oommen Chandy found stated that the targeted figure for the current finance years was 6,250 crore rupees. It was on 29th day of February, the sale figure was appeared touching 5,696 crore of rupees. Moreover, as per the views of Chandy, they want the figure to cross 10,000 crore of rupees.

Moreover, in the social objects behind this, the first is to provide a living to the Thousands of lottery ticket sellers, and also secondly the profits for the Karunya Fund, set up for providing money for the treatment of the poor patients.

As further stated by Chandy, they have paid out 1,200 crore of rupees through this fund, as a cost of health and medical care to the poor and weak people in the society.

It was in the year 1967, the computed revenue from the lottery sales was rounded to 20 lakh rupees. However, now, the figure rose to a whopping 3,793.72 crore of rupees in the year 2013 and 2014.

Moreover, notably there are around Forty thousands of the authorised agents and over a lakh of retail sellers who are engaged in this business of selling tickets.

As per Chandy, he lottery tickets which the Two State Government units print have come to around 3.90 crore of tickets every week. And printing of lottery tickets has to be done under the high security as in case of the printing of the currency, as he opined.

Moreover, he said that with the soaring of the ticket sales, two units were found unable to print the tickets on time, and the Govt. found appointed an expert committee for seeing that whether such portion of tickets can be printed in a press in which the state- owned SIDCO has 26 per cents of stake. However, he later turned saying that these units have told them that they can now print another 40 lakh of more tickets every week.

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