Kerala Temple Fire: High Court conditionally bans fireworks in places of worship

high court of kerala

Thiruvanantpuram: Today i.e. Tuesday, 12th April, the High Court of Kerala decided to ban the displays of the Sound- emitting firework in all the places of worship in the State, between the sunset and sunrise.

The honourable Kerala High Court, today was hearing the Public Interest Litigation, and while so, it has considered the deadly fire mishap which was taken place on 10th April, i.e. on Sunday at Puttingal Temple complex at Kerala’s Kollam district, where around 111 people were killed and number of others i.e. over 300 people were injured during the fireworks display in the midnight.

While considering such huge disaster in the state, the Court slammed the Oommen Chandy led government in the State, on the said mishap and then sought to suggest that the Central Bureau of Investigation- CBI take over the case.

Moreover, when the State government tried to defend itself by saying that the said firework was not permitted and allowed by them within the temple complex, then the Court responded that said that “how did fireworks happen without permission?”

It was seen that on the Sunday’s night at about 3 AM, while there being a festival in the Puttingal Temple at Kollam, a huge firework show was organized, all of a sudden the said firework stored room fired and major explosion was experienced in the vicinity.

While so, considering the sin impact of the said explosion, the court also directed the Central Government to provide free treatment for those injured in the said explosion and also the Court required the police and district administration to submit the separate affidavits on this issue.

It was said on the behalf of the District administration earlier, even immediately after the said explosion that it had not permitted the temple authorities to carry out the firework show.

Notably, while investigating the said mishap, the Crime Branch imposed the charges of attempt to murder and culpable homicide among the other charges against the trust of the temple. However, soon after the said incident, temple authorities were found disappeared, only to resurface on today’s morning.

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