Kerala Temple Fire Reports: Death toll mounted to 112; Five persons arrested; Probe taken over by Crime Branch

PM Visited Medical College Hospital Trivandrum

Kollam, Kerala: In the shocking incident, which yesterday on 10 April took place in Puttingal Temple at Kollam, Kerala, and which has made a ‘Black Sunday’ for Kerala, the death toll mounted to 112 and around 400 others found seriously injured and fighting battle against death. Now, in the development of the situation, the officials have detained 5 people in connection with the said incident. And the investigation is now handed over to the team of the crime branch.

Moreover, while so, the officials also decided to charge the contractors of such fireworks which has caused massive incident. Such contractors including Varkala Krishnankutty and Kazhakoottam Surendran who were entrusted with the fireworks by the Temple authorities, seemed till now not in custody as Varkala is absconding and Surendran was critically injured in the said blaze.

It was seen at the time of the incident that there were around fifteen hundred people in the premises and surrounding to that of the Temple, and it was also observed that the authorities at Temple were seemed prima facie liable in connection with the violation of the order of the District Administration which was made against the holding of such ‘fireworks show’. It is also notable that the honourable Supreme Court of India has already given its directives in the case which was far earlier put before it, that such fireworks should not be used after 10 PM.

However, disobeying such order and directives, the said fireworks show was organised and it was started, but shockingly it resulted in the suddenly explosion at temple’s storeroom where fireworks were kept and consequent upon the number of deaths and injuries. The impact of such blast was also experienced around 2 Km away from the spot, as the glass at the showroom in the centre of the Kollam town was seen shattered and also a two- storey building in the vicinity was seen caved in.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of India- Narendra Modi also visited Kollam, and he was accompanied with a team of 15 burn specialists. The PM- Modi described the situation as “unimaginable”. Also, the Congress’s Vice- President- Rahul Gandhi visited the spot, yesterday. Also, CM- Oommen Chandy announced compensation of Rs. 10 lakh for each died person’s family.

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