Lack of Stem Cell in Womb Causes Multiple Miscarriages: Study

As per researchers, lack of the stem cells in womb linings cause lots of women for suffering from miscarriages repetition. Scientists from University of Warwick told that womb linings in patients having recurrent miscarriages were having defective ones ahead of pregnancies. Teams studied samples of tissues donated by patients 183 at Implantation Research Clinic in Coventry.

Scientists believed important breakthroughs might help lots of women. Researchers say one in hundred women try conceiving after suffering from miscarriages recurrent. Meaning is that such ladies have lost 3 or more pregnancies consecutively. Prof Jan Brosens told that he shall envisage abilities of correcting defects before patients try achieving other pregnancies.

Ageing accelerated: Team discovered that shortages of stem cells cause likely ageing accelerated of womb linings thereby resulting in failures of certain pregnancies. Lining needs to be renewed it in all cycles and these renewal capacities are dependent on resident population of stem cells. Cells being cultured from women having 3 or more miscarriages consecutively show cells ageing in womb lining.

They do not have abilities of preparing for pregnancies adequately. Prof Siobhan Quenby, study’s co-author conducted researches on miscarriages for twenty years. She believed that this discovery of usage of stem cells is offering hopes to numerous patients. 2 fold focuses: Real challenges presently are developments of strategies for increasing functions of stem cells in womb linings.

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