Legal Notice from Actor- Hrithik claiming Kangana Ranaut suffering from Asperger’s Disorder, raising confusion

Mumbai: Bollywood actor- Hrithik Roshan in his legal notice filed against the Bollywood actress- Kangana Ranaut, found claiming that Kangana suffers from “Asperger’s Disorder” which makes her imagine things. However, his charge against Kangana has led to much outrage about him, as he is being not aware of the exact nature of Asperger’s.

The president to Autism Society of India- Nishath Kirmani Ali found stated that the claim of actor- Hrithik is inaccurate. As per her clarification, the Asperger’s and Imagining things are two different things. In ‘Imagination of things’, it is notably, a symptom of schizophrenia, while the people with Asperger’s Disorder are generally impaired in social situations.

Moreover, as per Autism Society’s President- Ali, the action of charging by the actor- Hrithik is “quite disrespectful”. Further he said that “we do not label special needs individuals”, however, it can be done for purpose of diagnosis or research and development.

As a part of legal standoff between these two bollywood stars (Hrithik and Kangana) the accusation was made, and this has surprised many. Moreover, Hrithik has found accusing Kangana in his legal notice for her stalking him repeatedly through “senseless, personal and absurd” e- mails. However, opposing the said action, Actress- Kangana stated that through all such allegations, Hrithik is misrepresenting the truth about their romantic relationship. Further she alleged that Hrithik hacked into her account for deleting their correspondence.

Moreover, she added that if the allegations preferred by Hrithik that Kanagna having Asperger’s, found true, then “it would give our children great hope”. After all she is talented actor and also doing well in career.

In her notice, she further stated that the Hrithik has claimed to have received Fifty e- mails a day from the day she got to know of the correct e- mail- id, till the date of sending the notice. As such for 601 days there should have been sent 30,000 mails as opposed to 1,439 e- mails claimed in the notice, hence the claim preferred by Hrithik, as per her contentions proved to false.

This upcoming Second day of April, which is the World Autism day, it would do well for either party for clarifying the confusion once and for all.

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