LG’s UX 5.0 would allow taking advantages of best features of LG G5

South Korea: The Life’s Good company’s LG G5 comes equipped with LG UX 5.0, which is offering several custom features. In an example, users can note that using LG Friends Manager app, they would be getting easy pairing with the G5 with its Friends, in which they can pair with accessories like the LG Hi- Fi Plus, LG Cam Plus and LG 360 Cam.

Moreover, the South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation- Life’s Good company’s LG UX 5.0 also found included with the several other photo- specific features, where company also found stated that Auto Shot can recognize, when the users are posing for a selfie and also it will automatically capture the photo even without anyone has pressed the butoon. Also, its Multi- view can also create the photo or video collages, using dual rear and front cameras of LG’s G5. Also, some film filters are too found included by the company which would be added to the photos.

Its UX 5.0 video is also wrapped by the company with the lightning round of other custom features. In such features, one is also provided option to re- install an app, which the users have already uninstalled in the part Twenty- four hours. Moreover, its offering LG Health App, will further offering the studying of the activity patters and provide for the exercise goals for the users to reach. Further, its offered Smart Doctor is allowing the device to diagnose and maintain the health of the phone.

Also, in the key features, the system is also offering the transferring of the LG Backup wirelessly from one of the old phone to the LG’s G5.

Also few different home screen styles are offered by the company with its UX 5.0, also its home option will be showing all the apps on the home screen. And its Easy Home Options will also be including of a simple layout and larger font.

Thus, it is now well clear that the LG’s offered UX 5.0 is aiming offering big advantages of the LG’s G5 device. And it will offering unique styled features in addition that users can experience with the G5 device, having UX 5.0.

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