Life is What You Make it

Life is What You Make it

Book Review: What is the plan for life? is the biggest question in the lives of the people on this earth. And to answer this question the people should be required to know its reality. It is notable that the people in this world have made every possible thing, which one can now see existing in this world. As such, these humans on this earth are offered with the great brains and emotions using which they have developed their own virtual world. However, it is notable, that there are only few on this earth who have contributed in the creation of amazing things surrounded to the people and as such these few people have become greatest personalities on this earth. Thus, everyone on this earth want to become such popular and great in the eyes of others, and as such they will be required to be presented with the amazing gift of inspirational writings. The people on this earth are as such offered with number of such amazing, inspirational stories and other writings which can inspire the people on this earth in their dealing with day today lives. Thus, in all such amazing inspirational writings one can also see, the present writing is including. This book, Life is What You Make it, is as such brought for the refreshment of the people on this earth, who want to build their career and name strong to dazzle like star throughout the world.

Thus, the present book with its amazing contents is brought from the top author, Preety Shenoy. She is an author and an artist based at Bangalore, India. She has published her first book ’34 Bubblegum’s and Candies’, is being a creative non- fiction made it to the national best- seller list. Moreover, here interests can be seen are as multifarious and diverse as her several academics degrees. Also, she is specialized in pencil portraits and she holds an internationally recognized qualification from UK in portraiture. Moreover, notably, she has held a number of varied jobs in the past. And in her writing career, she has also wrote for different publications life Readers Digest and Times of India, as well as taught English and Math to underprivileged children in India. And it is due to her passion and hobbies in reading, art, travelling, photography, nature, animals, blogging and sports she has offered number of amazing creations.

Thus, those who want to build their strong name in this world so that they shall be brought in the category of few people who are great, should also take advantage of reading this amazing book. In the book, the readers will be experiencing the best story of the Ankita Sharma who is about 20 years old girl and seems to have issues from the past that hunts her present. In the story it is shown that Ankita Sharma has the world in her palms, she is young, smart and heads turn at every corner she walks by. Ankita Sharma took birth into a conservative middle class household, it is defining the chronicle of her life. Also, the story brings the readers in the time when Doordarshan was the prime source of entertainment in India and also writing love letters was the general fad, every youngster dreams of the thrills of college life. As such, Ankita Sharma fulfilled it with her admission into an MBA institute in Mumbai. The story of Ankita Sharma is starting with her life as a college student. And then the readers will be experiencing amazing twists, excitements, emotions, and many more things in the story. The story is mainly to show the readers, a right track in their lives so that they can easily get in touch with the realities in the life.

Thus, the present book and its offered story are really amazing and the people who want to read something inspirational should read it once at least, as there are lots of amazing things to learn. Also the writer has very easily narrated the story and the readers will also not face any issue while reading the same.

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Life is What You Make it

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