LIGO PROJECT: India and US signed MOU to take joint efforts in Gravitational wave astronomy study

New Delhi: A joint efforts of two countries- India and United States which has signed together a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a LIGO project- Laser Interferometer Gravitational- Wave Observatory which will be helping them playing significant role for research purposes on various aspects connected with the gravitational wave astronomy. The third LIGO interferometer which is expected to the operated by the year 2023, its construction will significantly improve the ability of the researchers for pinpointing the sources of gravitational waves and analysing the signals.

It is notable that in the discovery of the gravitational waves, the LIGO project is to play a vital important role and as such the same is also supportive for the general theory of relativity propounded by Einstein.

Thus, it can be safely said that the country- India by having sing the MOU it will be able to make big steps in the astronomy connected issues and also in connection with the space research also.

Moreover, it will also be prove helpful for the research- friendly geography of India, in the exploration and research of the space for LIGO project.

It was seen that the said agreement which was taken place between two countries was executed while the Indian Prime Minister- Narendra Modi was on United States visit for the Nuclear Security Summit- NSS. He was also found meeting with the scientists of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational- Wave Observatory- LIGO during such visit. Thus, also it can be safely stated here that now the Indian youth’s powerful brains can also be utilized sufficiently, with such new LIGO project, as has been signed by the India’s current Prime Minister.

The project is much connected with the theory of one of the well known- Albert Einstein, who around a hundred years ago theorized that gravity waves existed and also notably, this era’s scientists until now have not had the capability to prove it.

This discovery also reportedly, and very importantly, may allow the scientists to peek closer into the origin of the Universe.

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