Madhya Pradesh Home Minister- Babulal Gaur caught in camera touching a woman inappropriately

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur

Bhopal; Madhya Pradesh: Babulal Gaur, former chief minister was caught on camera while he was allegedly touching inappropriately a woman during an event in Bhopal. It can be seen from the video that has gone viral, that the said woman was boarding the Bus, and that point of time the Minister allegedly caught on camera doing such an act. However, the minister rejected the allegations terming them baseless..

“The place was crowded. So, I was just asking the women to move fast. It is a baseless allegation,” Minister said later.

The said Minister- Babulal Gaur who is also a Current Home Minister has many time seen under the controversies, and also making controversial statements, and it was often pointing in this connection that once he had found stated that “alcohol does not increase crime.” He also seemed added that “people lose their consciousness after consuming alcohol and that’s how it causes crime. The person who drinks within control does not cause crime.” He also said that time that “One should not overdrink. It is one’s fundamental right. Drinking is a social status symbol these days”.

Notable he was also pointed one another time while he was on visit to Chennai, when he said that “Women in Tamil Nadu wear full clothes and hence the crime rate is lower there as compared to other states.”

Moreover, he was also pointed one more time when he was recited an event in which he was found telling Russian Leader’s wife, how to untie a dhoti. He said that “I told her I can’t teach you how to wear it, but I can certainly teach you how to remove it, but that too later, not now.” Such statements from the minister brought anger to the Women activists too. The said former Chief Minister also found once describing the ‘Rape’ as a social crime, saying “sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong”.

Now this, time he again allegedly found doing such act with the woman, and as such this video can show all other details.

In the country like India, when judiciary says ‘woman are highly respected and considered in the place of god at many instances’, then such instances of misbehaviour with them, how will be lightly take.

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