Maharashtra Health Ministry set to offer 3 days Free Treatment to the Accident Victims in Private Hospitals

dr deepaksawant

Mumbai: Now, the State of Maharashtra is thinking over the issue of offering a free treatment to the victims of the Road accident in about 188 private hospitals across the state, for three days. It is appearing that the state of Maharashtra is looking the issue on the lines of the Tamil Nadu State.

Moreover, the said facilities will be taken as a part of big revamp the State has planned for its flagship Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayi Arogya Yojana, as it was said by Dr. Deepak Sawant- State Public Health Minister while in Legislative Council, yesterday, on 7th April.

It is clarified under the scheme that, for the period of three days initially, the road accident will not be required to pay any single rupee, for their treatment, even if they will be admitted to the Private hospitals.

Considering the increasing number of fatalities due to road accidents and inability of victims’ families to pay the charges at hospitals, the present move would have been taken for discussion. Thus, the present scheme if will be brought into effect, then such fatalities would be reduced. Many times it is also pointed that the Government hospitals are not so close to the spot of accident and as such while taking a victim to such hospitals he may lose his breathings.

Moreover, as per the State Public Health minister- Dr. Sawant, the ministry is planning to launch the “Same scheme on the lines of one in Tamil Nadu under the Rajiv Gandhi Jeewandai Arogya Yojana”. It was seen that the State Public Health Minister was telling this to the Upper House while replying to the debate over the poor health services in the Rural Areas of the State.

It is notable that the said Rajiv Gandhi Jeewandai Arogya Yojana, the patients being poor are receiving the treatment in the Private Hospitals for the specific ailments or surgeries and the cost of such services is bore by the State.

While in the debate, Dr. Sawant also found admitted that there are number of posts of the doctors which are being vacant due to the reasons that, many of the doctors are not taking up the postings in the rural area hospitals. He also clarified that there are only 151 specialized doctors are serving in the government hospitals in rural areas till now, out of the 512 posts.

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