Maharashtra State Council clears Bill for Dance Bar, without debate

Mumbai Vidhan Bhavan

Mumbai: The Bill which is to regulate the dance bars in Mumbai and other areas in the State of Maharashtra, is unanimously cleared from the Maharashtra Legislative Council without even discussing its details.

The Bill is now set, for tomorrow, to be introduced in the legislative assembly of the State, as it is passed from the Upper House. And considering the situation, it is can also be safely said that the said Bill will also be passed from there too, without much opposition.

It was seen that the draft of the Bill was discussed and passed in the 25- members all- party Members of the Legislative Assembly and Members of the Legislative Council committee.

Looking towards the provisions of the Bill, it is clear that the draft Bill is not having ban over the dance bars, however the said bill is imposing stringent conditions which the owners would face as difficult while setting up of their dance bars in the State.

In the object of the Bill, the said was introduced with the aim to make provisions for the prohibition of obscene dance in hotels, restaurant, bar rooms and establishments and also to improve the conditions of work, and also to have protection to the women’s dignity and their safety in places of bars and also to prevent their exploitation.

The Bill draft is also offering provisions for the punishment of the offence committed by the Owners by violating the terms and conditions which are prescribed in getting licenses for setting up of such dance bars. Such offenders under the Bill would be sent to jail up the period of 5 years or would also be imposed with the fine up to 25 lakhs of rupees.

Also, the bill is again punishing the acts of sexual harassment or ‘vulgar dance’ in the dance bars, and the punishment will be an imprisonment up to 3 years or the owner world be fined to pay 10 lakhs of rupees.

Along with all such provisions, the draft bill is also providing certain other important terms and conditions which the owner need to follow while he is setting up and maintaining his dance bar in the State.

It was Apex Court, last month had asked the State government to start issuing licences to dance bars by 15th day of March. It had also ordered to remove some unwanted conditions while issuing the license to the dance bars.

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