Malaysia’s Flight 370 Investigation: Two more pieces of plane found

Kuala Lumpur: Today, on Friday 13th May, the government from Malaysia found confirming that two more pieces of the remains “almost certainly” from the Flight 370 discovered in South Africa and Rodriguez Island Off Mauritius. The said Flight 370 was mysteriously disappeared from more than two years back along with its carrying 239 people.

Now, it can be safely said here that with such declaring of finding of the two more pieces of the debris of Malaysian Airlines’ Jet, now in total ‘five pieces’ of debris discovered in this connection. However, all of them were found in the different spots around the Indian Ocean since it was vanished on 8th day of March, in the year 2014. The flight was carrying the said people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

While so, the discovery of such two pieces of debris were confirmed by the Transport Minister- Liow Tiong who said the two new pieces were an engine cowling piece with a partial Rolls- Royce logo and also interior panel piece from an aircraft cabin were discovered. Notable, here that this time, with such two pieces’ discovery, one of the big achievement is seen with the searching departments as they found the first interior part of the flight.

Moreover, the international team of experts in Australia who were examining the said debris found concluding that the said both pieces were consistent with the panels found on the Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777 aircraft. The said conclusion is also disclosed by the Transport Minister- Liow. Also he said that thus, “the team as confirmed that both pieces of debris from South Africa and Rodrigues Island are almost certainly from MH370.

Earlier in the month of March, this year, the investigators’ team confirmed that two pieces from the said debris were discovered along coast of Mozambique, and these were almost certainly from the lost aircraft. Also earlier thereto, in the last year (2015), the wing part of the said flight was also washed ashore on France’s Reunion Island.

Besides, all such reports have been brought out with the five pieces from the lost plane, but still looking towards the issue, ongoing search has found nothing so far.

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