Malegaon’s School set on fire for molestation of a girl child: Now situation is ‘Under- control’

Nashik, Maharashtra: After an incident where a girl child has alleged that she was molested by a Staff member in the School, and Principal denied to meet the parents of such girl child, the mob gathered in the school premises, set the school at fire in Malegaon, yesterday. Not only this, but the two vehicles and motorcycles belonging to the Police, were also burnt down. However, it has not resulted in any casualties. Now, today police assures that the situation is under- control.

It was seen yesterday on Friday, 8th April, the mob along with the parents of the girl child gathered in the school premises to meet the Principal of the school, however, on his refusal to meet, the angry mob set the school to fire. While, so the students along with the staff immediately evacuated safely, hence no casualties resulted.

It was shown by the Police that on 6th day of April, a girl student of about 6- years- old age from the Mother Ayesha Primary School in the Malegaon had alleged that she was molested by a ‘sweeper of the school’. When child informed her class teacher and mother about the said incident, then her mother approached the teacher, who informed her that an action would be taken against such sweeper. However, when she realised that no such action was taken against the alleged sweeper- Ajay Dhanke (twenty- four years old), then the girl child’s father tried to meet the Principal of the school.

Soon after, the Principal of the school refused to meet and talk with her father, that father along with others started storming the school and broke down the furniture, etc. it was later, the mob gathered and set the school’s computer lab to fire and this fire spread the other classrooms.

Immediately, Police reached the spot and tried to control the situation, however, angry mob also set Police’s vehicles on fire. Thus, Police decided to resort to mild lathicharge. Now, today, the Senior Police official- Sunil Kadasane claiming that the situation is “peaceful and under- control”.

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