Mallya’s high level drama to resign from Rajya Sabha, but CBI moving differently, searching French Translator


After the huge controversy, which the liquor baron and the famous businessman- Vijay Mallya faced when his passport was revoked by the Indian authorities in connection with his pending investigation and also cases in the Indian court, and his non- complying the summons of the Enforcement Directorate, now he may have resigned from Rajya Sabha for saving himself from a certain ignominy of being expelled, however, the CBI- Central Bureau of Investigation has gone on a different trip.

The said probing agency, has been looking for the translator of the French language in the JNU- Jawaharlal Nehru University, so as to translate the letter rogatory to Vijay mallya case to three nations speaking French language like France, Mauritius and Switzerland.

The probing agency- CBI would be sending a letter rogatory to France, Switzerland, Virginia Island, Britain, United States of America, Hong Kong and Bermuda, giving the international dealings shown in the accounts of businessman- Mallya. The most important, that there are about forty- odd accounting entries, which had shown money transfer to the said countries, and such entries are to be examined for arriving at the shocking conclusions, may be.

As per the sources from the officials, that the Indian probing wing is still facing the issues of translation issues, and the letter rogator has to be served in the official language of such nation, as shown in the International Protocol.

As the case is involving the many firms across the world, the following of such international protocols for sending the letter rogatory is really very important and also mandatory step for initiating sound, legal proceedings.

Moreover, the officials from the investigating wing found stated that they cannot freeze the accounts of the Airbus, in any way in the nations like Switzerland or France. Moreover, for freezing the accounts of the businessman- Mallya, similarly, the sameis impossible without proving his criminality in the “suspected bank fraud” case.

While so, the Enforcement Directorate is also looking to have come with startling revelation about the businessman- Mallya’s money laundering issue. As such, if anyone would believe in the assertions of the Enforcement Directorate, then it is clear that the Mallya had laundered a huge of sum of money to the foreign countries, for purchasing assets and business in those countries.

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