Man posing as Journalist hurls shoe at Delhi’s CM- Kejriwal during the Odd- Even announcement

Delhi CM- Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: While, Arvind Kejriwal- the Chief Minister of Delhi State was addressing a press conference in Delhi on the second phase of the odd- even scheme, which as per his announcement would commence from the 15th day of April, a man hurled a shoe at him.

As per the reporters who were present while the conference was addressed by the Delhi’s Chief Minister- Kejriwal, a man suddenly entered a conference room and he was posing as a journalist. Moreover, he was also identified as the Aam Aadmi Sena’s Ved Prakash. When he was questioned as to what he did that, he seeks to allege that the fake CNG stickers were being distributed in Delhi ahead of the odd- even vehicular scheme.

Moreover, the said man also found claiming that in connection with the said incident, he has some evidences in the form of some CDs where the sting operation done by him, is retained. However, it is also notable that the shoe which the said so called person has hurled at AAP party chief- Kejriwal, missed the target.

Also, few minutes later from the said incident, the said imposter was beaten away from the premises by the officials from the Delhi Police and also by the workers for the Aam Aadmi Party. Notable, he is reportedly taken in the custody of the Police officials, for further enquiry.

However, despite of such incident, the Delhi’s Chief Minister soon recovered back from the shock and restarted the said conference.

Notably, this incident is not only incident which the AAP leader faced, however, he was also attacked in the similar manner on 17th day of January, 2016 by a woman from the Aam Aadmi Sena however, that time she thrown ink on the Delhi Chief Minister during a ceremony held at Chhatrasal Stadium for celebrating the Government’s ‘odd even success’. Thus, now this time the AAP Party’s CM- Kejriwal has also faced a shoe attack in the same connection of ‘odd even success’. Thus, it is now confirmed that now inside Secretariat premises, only Delhi Information Bureau accredited journalists will be allowed.

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