Medical Experts says Hypertension can result in one to face ‘heart diseases’

Heart Attack

Constant high blood pressure or Hypertension can affect the heart and may cause to face several types of heart diseases. The facts were disclosed by the medical experts and they said that this is one of the main reasons why every patient with the said health issues need to take care and diagnose it on time.

Moreover, the experts also revealed a bad thing behind the disease that doctors cannot find it easy to detect as there are not many identifiable symptoms associated with it. Moreover, as per doctor- Santosh Kumar Dora who is also a senior cardiologist, “Hypertension is also called ‘the silent killer’, because high blood pressure is not associated with any symptom.”

Moreover, it is also notable that there may be seen people who may have high blood pressure issue, but cannot detect the same till they have a heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, etc. as such, the said senior doctor asked to get the blood pressure checked up regularly.

Notable again, the issue of hypertension can be seen as per data, in the urban middle class among men it was seen 32 per cents, and among females, it was about 30 per cents.

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