Mexico announced its support to India in NSG membership

narendra Modi in mexico

Mexico City: In a bid to get the Nuclear Supplier Group- NSG membership, India had earlier scored the vote from Switzerland and now it has convinced the Mexican President- Enrique Peña Nieto to support India.

While talking with media after meeting with the Indian Prime Minister- Narendra Modi, the Mexican President found stated that “as a country we are going to be positively and constructively supporting India (in NSG membership) in recognition of the commitment by PM- Modi to the International agenda of disarmament and non- proliferation of nuclear weapons.”

It is notable here that the Indian PM- Modi was in Mexico, while he was visiting five nation and ‘5-nation tour’, and he found supports, earlier from the Switzerland and now from Mexico. As such, now Mexico and Switzerland will support in India as backing for the NSG membership, and notably both of these countries have strong positions on no- proliferation in the past. While so, responding to the support from Mexico, the Indian Prime Minister- Narendra Modi found stated that “I thank President Pena Nieto for his positive and constructive support for India’s membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.”

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