Ministry of Environment to bring strict reforms in Law for imposing “hefty” penalty against violation

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar

New Delhi: The Indian Environment Ministry headed by the Minister- Prakash Javadekar is having its own work cut out for the coming 3 years as it will now devote all its efforts for ensuring compliance of the environmental laws. As such, for ensuring such great compliance of the green rules, the ministry is planning to bring hefty penalty for violation, if any, besides all other reforms to track the violations.

The ministry’s plans including the use of the technology for monitoring the violations of the green rules and also the capacities in the local level will also be created for the strict compliance of the said rules.

Yesterday, when the Environment Minister- Javadekar commented on the environmental laws and on its implementations, he said that “next three year would be (devoted for) compliance, compliance and compliance.” He commented to this effect, yesterday, on Monday. Moreover, his ministry will also be bringing a civil penalty bill for scaling up the monetary fine, as such the same will be treated as the real deterrent. As such, now, coming bill will be ensuring the compliance of the available green rules. However, no details as to such bill, informed.

The bill may contain the maximum penalty up to 20 crore of rupees and there may an imprisonment for life term.

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