Ministry of External Affairs claims Pakistan to answer on mysterious death of Kirpal in Pakistan Jail

kripal singh

New Delhi: After two days from the day on which the Indian national- Kirpal Singh was mysteriously found dead in the Pakistani Jail, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs took action and asked the Pakistan to give answers in the incident related to the cause of death of Kirpal Singh and also asked to provide his post- mortem report.

The Indian representative in Pakistan is asked by the country to take up at the issue of early transportation of the dead body of the Kirpal Singh, at the “highest possible level” with their foreign office.

The information as such action by the ministry is being given today, on Wednesday by the Vikas Swarup- a spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs. He said “on Kirpal Singh, our acting high commissioner in Islamabad has been instructed to seek a meeting at the highest possible level in the Pakistan foreign office this forenoon to seek early transportation of the mortal remains.”

Moreover, he also informed that the said acting high commissioner in Islamabad will also be asking for the “official information on cause of death, post- mortem report, etc.”

Also, it is learnt from the sources that today’s evening the Kirpal Singh’s family members and also sister of Sarabjit Singh will be having a meeting with the Minister of External Affairs- Sushma Swaraj.

It was seen on Monday, i.e. on 11th day of April, an Indian national- Kirpal Singh who was aged about 55 years was found dead ‘under the mysterious circumstances at the Kot Lakhpat Jail, at Pakistan, and as per the Pakistani authorities, the said Indian national had complained of chest pain after which he was admitted to a hospital where he was declared dead, however the claim of foul play was ruled out by the Pak authorities. On the charges of the spying in Pakistan, the Kripal Singh was kept behind the bars in the Pakistan for nearly 25 years as he was arrested in the year 1992.

However, as per the Jail authorities in the Kot Lakhpat jail who earlier informed that the said Kripal Singh was found “dead at his cell in early hours of Monday at Kot Lakhpat Jail”.

But, notably, the family and relatives of the Kirpal Singh are agreeing his normal death, however, they are claiming by staging protests at the Indo-Pakistan Attari border, that ‘he was killed and not otherwise died”.

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