Modi led Govt to complete its Two years: Survey says yet nearly half people feels there is “no change”

PM Modi

New Delhi: As per the new Survey reports which is revealed today, on second day of this May, that with the current Government being Bhartiya Janata Party’s Government closing to the complete its two years in power, nearly half of the respondents i.e. about forty- nine per cents of the respondents found expressed that they feel “no change” in their living standards while another fifteen per cents feeling the situation has actually worsened.

The BJP’s Government brought its talented Prime Minister- Narendra Modi to lead the Government in the country at the Centre, however, as per all such half respondents there is yet no change in the situations. The Centre for Media Studies- CMS conducted the said survey and today it is released.

The said survey further pointed that “a significant per cents i.e. about 43 per cents of the participants are showing that they feel that poor people still not getting benefits from the programmes and schemes which the Modi Government is providing in its tenure.

However, the participants also include those who found stating that they like the performance of the Modi Government that being especially, the performance of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of the country. And such participants are vast in the group, i.e. about 62 percents of the people and also that being so, the seventy per cents of the respondents wanted him to continue as the Prime Minister beyond the first five years.

In the said survey, there were about four thousands respondents were taken for the purpose of evaluating their feelings as to Modi Government, and many of them were from across the Rural and remaining were from Urban areas of Fifteen States in India. Moreover, a vast majority of them, around less than 1/3rd of such respondents showing that they feel the Prime Minister- Modi has fulfilled his made promises. And other forty- three feels that the said promises were partially met by him.

The said results of the survey were announced by the Former Secretary General of Lok Sabha, namely, Subhash C. Kashyap who found stated in the press conference that personal image of PM- Modi remains very bright and his performance is being liked by a majority.

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