Modular smartphone revolution: LG G5, Project Ara and others may arrive earlier than expected

Google showed different new projects in 2015 at IO. One among them is the Project Ara Modular Phone Concept. We wish it will get to be reality in not so distant future. In the interim LG is figured out how to beat Google with their MWC 2016 smartphone surprise, LG G5 Modular Smartphone. It accompanies slide-out battery, set forth the main move towards modular world of phones. Last couple of years significant development arrive in the smartphone hardware revolution and this modular design answer the what next question in your mind. Google’s modular phone is expected to launch in this year itself and its features might be incredible.

Several participants in the modular phone business sector are expected to come in 2017. Many more will be unveiled at some point this year, and taking into account of the passionate fan following, expecting a tough competition.

See First look at the LG G5 modular smartphone below.

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