MP’s Home Minister Babulal Gaur denied charges of his touching woman ‘inappropriately’ saying it ‘baseless’

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur

Bhopal; Madhya Pradesh: Yesterday, on 21st April, an instances of touching a woman ‘inappropriately’ by the Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh- Babulal Gaur, was caught on camera, during an event in Bhopal, however, while so the Minister is denying the allegations and such instances, saying he was just asking her to move fast while there was crowded place.

Yesterday, there was a big news on his alleged act recorded video where he was shown behind a woman touching her ‘inappropriately’, while she was boarding a bus.

However, it was recently seen that he quickly turned up and sought to rubbish the claim as baseless allegation. He told the media agency that “the place was crowded” and he was “just asking the woman to move fast.”

Thus, it can now be safely said that the Madhya Pradesh’s former Chief Minister- Gaur’s act if could be adjust saying unintentional mistake, but still it is not new for him to face such controversy, as he was not new to controversies.

It was seen earlier, in the year 2014, when he pointed rape as social crime, but also said it is “sometimes its right, sometime it’s wrong.” He also appeared telling Russian Leader’s Wife, about how to untie ‘dhoti’, where he said “I told her I can’t teach you how to wear it, but I can certainly teach you how to remove it, but that too later, not now.” Such statements from the side of minister get a Women activists anger. Thus, the minister found always stated controversial things, in connection with the women, rape, drinking liquor, etc.

It was seen that the concerned video where the minister- Gaur was shown touching apparently a woman ‘inappropriately’ was posted on ANI though a tweet, on the Tweeter account. However, later in an interview with the ANI, the said Minister from Madhya Pradesh confirms that he had not intentionally touched her, however, he was just asking her to move fast. This interview is also posted by the ANI on its tweeter post, through tweet yesterday at evening time.

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