Mukesh Ambani says Jio can offer 40 to 80 times greater speed for Mobile Braodband in India

Mumbai: While speaking at the FICCI FRAMES 2016, the India’s billionaire- Mukesh Ambani, who is also the chairman of Reliance Industries sought to praise the future of digital media and Reliance Jio services.

The businessman- Mukesh Ambani, while addressing the gathering sought to maintain that in the last Twelve years, the Media Industry in India has grown by Nine times, and as per his expected total value, it will hit in the coming Ten years to 100 billion dollars. Moreover, while terming Reliance’s offering Jio service, as “world’s Biggest Startup”, he said that as he has saw digitisation as the “defining trend of the century”, he took to do 1.5 lakh crores of rupees investment in the service.

Moreover, as per Ambani, the “best is yet to come” for the media industries in India and that the Jio services would essentially up the quantity and quality of the mobile broadband coverage by Eighty to Hundred times. Moreover, as per his praising statements, Ambani claims that the service- Jio would be offering coverage to about Ninety Per Cents of the Indians and also its will be offered with the greater speed than the current average, as he measured it Forty to Eighty times much greater.

Also, Ambani while speaking of the potential of digital media content and accessible broadband, he added that the way people have learnt about, would be changed with its affordable video network.

As per his guess, the service will also “revolutionise” the India’s educational scenario, and also he said to that his team is changing the ideas from “audio to video”.

While, so he further sought end his speech by saying that the Reliance Jio Service would be doing its best for supporting and also for boosting the Digital India initiative as it would bring the people together and join the Digital India movement.

Moreover, along with his significant speech, the program audience have also witnessed the valuable words from the CEO of StarTV channel- Uday Shankar, who sought to mention about the change of the world by technology.

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