Mumbai Police thrashing couple mercilessly inside Police Station: Video clip goes viral

mumbai police

Mumbai: Shocking! People feeling insecurity, when they watched the video of Police who were thrashing a couple inside the police station has gone viral on Social Media. The incident was shown to have been recorded in the Mumbai- based police stations.

The video which has now spread on the social media showing that the victim couple, when they entered the Kandivali Police Station for registering a case, they got refusal from the Police authorities and subsequently, the Police officials started beating them brutally and mercilessly.

However, there is no much information provided in connection with the said video. however, the instances of such beating by Police to the couple, was shown to have been recorded in the said Kandivali Police Station.

The video is showing that the police officials are beating mercilessly to the couple with bamboo sticks. Also, the police inspector is shown slapping and beating with sticks to a man. However, when police PRO from Mumbai was asked to comment on it, he reportedly, stated “Investigation is under- way in the case. Strict action will be taken against those found guilty.”

This is not being a single case of such thrashing by the Police officials inside the Station, but earlier too, especially, in the month of November, 2015 a similar incident was reported, when a young couple was abused inside the Andhir Police Station.

See video below

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