Mumbai’s 100-years old Building Collapses; Six killed and Two injured

Building Collapsed

Mumbai: The last of the month of April, proved worst to the Mumbaikars, as in the Kamathipura in Mumbai, around hundred years old building suddenly collapsed and this has taken lives of Six people including two brothers and their nephew who was only fourteen- year- old, not only this, two others were seriously injured in the incident, as per police reports.

The incident occurred in the noon time yesterday, on 30th day of April, and as per the Police officials, an accidental death report is being registered in the Nagpada Police Station, and such death were seen occurring at about 2: 00 PM yesterday.

Not only this, the said collapse of the building, has also triggered a war of the words between two of the agencies of the Government including Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation- BMC and Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority- MHADA, with the later blaming the ongoing road repair work for the collapse.

The building which is claimed to the about hundred years old, was a three- storey bulding, namely, Gulmahal, and it was located on Lane no 14 of Kamathipura, in Mumbai. And as per the general information, the said building was having a wooden staircase and beams. Moreover, as per the Locals, who gathered after accidental taken place, said that the said casualties could have been higher if a ground- floor located beer bar was open. It was also seen that there was an ongoing repairs, and as such many of the residents had vacated the building due to such repairs.

The people whose deaths were claimed due to such accident was also including a Paanwala, it is also notable that the shop of such paanwala was located on the ground floor and also a woman who was not identified at the time of going to the press.

Moreover, as per the Bombay Municipal Corporation- BMC, the Mhada is suggested to vacate adjoining buildings and also for demolishing them as they have been too damaged in this collapse. Moreover, the officials from the Mhada found stated that the issue of providing compensation will be discussed by them, and in compensation possibly they would pay five lakh of rupees to the kin of deceased and also fifty thousands of rupees to the injured people.

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