NASA: BEAM Inflatable Space Habitat to Launch to Space Station Next Week

United States: Scientists from NASA have developed a space habitat which is inflatable for the astronauts on their lunar trips or Mars Mission. This is known as the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module ‘BEAM’ which is to remain attached for two years to ISS.

‘BEAM’ allow astronauts to attach themselves to the back of the space station and get inflammation for twice the original size of the space habitat. The technology for habitat can be transported to the space easily as well as it consumes very less space on the aircraft which goes into space.

Such structures are a great boon to astronauts because the astronauts can get a habitat that resembles the earth’s habitat in the space for a period of 2 years and can be protected from the harmful ultraviolet as well as cosmic radiations.

NASA will launch the unit of the 8th resupply mission in ISS and will help greatly in space trials as well as deep space missions, helping the astronauts with comforts. The sustenance of life on Mars is now another possibility as the astronauts are now more adapt to dust storms and challenges for life on the outer space.

This ‘BEAM’ technology is just another feature amongst the long list that pertains to life on the moon and Mars planetary missions as well as it enhances the quality of life for astronauts in space missions.

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