NASA brought its Fuel- Free Thruster- EM Drive, now it is finally to undergo peer review

United States: National Aeronautics and Space Administration- NASA’s developed a ‘fuel- free engine’, which many terms ‘impossible’, which can take human beings to the Mars in only Ten Weeks, is about to undergo peer- review. It is named by NASA as ‘EM Drive’.

In the praise of this EM Drive it is shown that it is creating thrust by bouncing microwaves around in the enclosed chamber, as such it is only using Solar Power. The said Fuel- free engine is supposed to take a Spacecraft to the Mars in only Ten weeks.

The idea has brought much excitement amongst many, and also it is notable that many are found excited about its potential to be used in deep space travel. However, on the other hand, many who oppose such ideas, found arguing that this is “simply hype”, considering that the design goes against the known laws of physics. Thus, now the issue is entirely based on the peer review which will settle the matter, for finality.

Moreover, as per the reports which the International Business Times has spotted, states that in the comments on the NASA Spaceflight Forum, it is suggested that more testing is set to be done on the engine. It was notable that the NASA, last year, has conducted more tests using an improved process.

Paul March- One of the Member of the EmDrive team found stating that “The Eagleworks Lab is NOT dead and we continue down the path set by our Nasa management”. Terming Peer Review process is “glacially slow”, he further commented that last year, he is unable to say anything than to listen to Dr. Rodal on this topic, and he said to have patience about when the team is to publish EW paper is going to be published.

Notably, Johnson Space Center- based Eagleworks is an experimental lab which was created for exploring alternative propulsion technologies.

It was seen in November, last year that for the first time the EmDrive team had posted their first update on the fuel free engine.

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