National- level Kabbadi player- Sukhvinder shot down in Haryana: Incident caught on CCTV

Rohtak: A National- Level Kabaddi game player- Sukhvinder Narwhal was murdered in broad daylight in district of Rohtak, i.e. in the state of Haryana. However, two accused of causing such murder are unidentified men who came on a scooter and pumped bullets into him, but the incident is caught on a CCTV camera which are installed near the player’s residence.

As reported by Media, the footage of the incident shows that Two unidentified men shoot at Kabaddi player- Sukhvinder from a scooter before getting off the vehicle to fire multiple shots. While the player was talking to someone on his mobile phone, the incident happened and he suddenly after that found collapsing to the ground after the first shot.

Notably, soon after shooting, the men fled the scene of the murder, and till now the police has not identified them.

The father of player found with broken heart, stated that his son- Sukhvinder was returning home after practice, when he was shot death. Two people came on two-wheeler, while the player was returning home after his practice, and these men shot him just a few yards away from the house. Moreover, he (Player’s father-Chander Singh) said, the time he and others reached the spot, Sukhinder was already dead.

As per the Police officials, the incident of Murder has been registered against unidentified persons and chase has been launched to nab the killers.

The present case is not the only case in Haryana, where the Kabaddi player was put to death, but the another player- Deepak Kumar- who was the state level Kabaddi player was also from Rohtak district, Haryana was shot dead by two unidentified motorcyclists/ men in the December, last year. Deepak succumbed to the injuries during the preliminary treatment, as was reported by the Media agency.

The similarity in both the murders can be seen from the fact that both of them were happened when the players were returning from practice and with nobody for help in close vicinity. And also the killers in both cases were found arriving on a two- wheeler.

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