Nehru Memorial Museum’s kept ‘Dagger’ was stolen: now recovered from Two arrested


New Delhi: Earlier this week, a dagger was stolen from the New Delhi- based Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, and now the Delhi Police shown that they have arrested two persons and also recovered the said dagger from them.

While, so the officials also found confirming that the said two persons were working as cleaning staff or ‘safai karmachari’ in the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library located building, and they were also named as Ramchander and Sandeep, being accused in the steeling of historic importance Dagger case.

The said information was given from the Police officials and especially, by the Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), namely, Ravindra Yadav, who spoke to the media today, on 28th April, this year. He also found stated that the charges of theft are invoked against the arrested persons as they had been allegedly found in the custody of the said dagger which was later recovered from them.

It was seen that the said incident was occurred to light on Monday, 25th April, and it was also pointed that the said Museum was closed that day for General Public, as such the suspicion that the said dagger must have been stolen by the persons who works in the museum, would have been adopted by the authorities.  It was also seen that the museum staff found casket in the gift room of the museum broken and the dagger, which was stored inside the same as an exhibit, found missing from its place.

While, so the police officials were called by the authorities in the museum and later when the Police officials reached the spot, they conducted a thorough check of the premises of the museum. The Police also seemed registering a case of theft in the Police Station, namely Chanakyapuri Police State which is located in the New Delhi’s area. Moreover, the senior official from the Police department also found confirming that the said case was later transferred to Delhi Police’s Crime Branch. And now today, the confirmation of the arrest was given by the Police officials and these two arrested are also booked for theft charges.

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