Net Neutrality: Government requires TRAI to submit recommendations for finalizing Policy

trai to finalize Net neutrality

New Delhi: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India- TRAI has received a letter from the Telecom Department, Government asking them to submit the recommendations on the Net Neutrality, as it is now looking forward to finalize the Policy on this controversial issue. The Chairman from TRAI- R. S. Sharma disclosed the fact that, on receipt of such letter from the Government, they are shortly floating a consultation paper on it. It is seen that the development in relation to the Net Neutrality issue, has come over a month after TRAI barred the discriminatory pricing of data services, including zero- rated plans like Airtel Zero and Facebook’s Free Basics which as per Chairman- Sharma has tackled net neutrality, from a tariff perspective.

Now, TRAI is planning to define net Neutrality and also is focusing on the key concerns at the core of its debate. It is notably, the Federal Communications Commission from the United States, have already banned throttling and allowing for fast lane, although unlike India, the US has not barred Zero rated products outright.

It was seen that the order of the TRAI where the differential tariff for data services was banned fell within its jurisdiction, however, the issue of net neutrality is the issue which is entirely to be come under the Telecom Department.

It is further notable, that there is no final policy of the Government on the subject of Net Neutrality, till today, however, the Government found in pressure from the backers of a free internet and political parties to come out with a broad framework.

Moreover, it was found stated by the Telecom Minister- Ravi Shankar Prasad in the Parliament, that the Government is committed to free, fair and “democratic internet”.

It is further notable that the recommendations of the TRAI along with the report of the Telecom Department Committee on the Net Neutrality will form the basis of the final Policy of the Government.

Earlier, there were consistence pressure and debate on the issue of Net Neutrality, but now, as seen Government’s action coming towards framing policy, the issue would be settled down, soon.

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