New Gadget- OLO which can convert Smartphones into a 3D Printer

New York: OLO 3D Inc. being the United States based company has designed a portable device which will allow the users to convert their smartphone into a 3D Printer, and for the action it will use the light from the touchscreen to process the plastic creations, as found reported in the media release.

As per reports, it further states that the company’s gadget- OLO is designed to be a very simple for understanding and operating, and also it is one battery- operated and fully portable. Moreover, it is easy for carry as it is offered in the light- weight size of just 780 grams. The media reports as reported by the ScienceAlert where they cited Kickstarter, a company which is funding for developing the creative devices.

Moreover, in the device, one can see it is offering three parts, in which first is a reservoir, which is holding Four hundred cubic cm of printing volume; a bottles of 100 grams with coloured photopolymer resin for building the objects and thirdly, a mechanised lid under which the build plate and control electronics are perfectly fixed.

In the process of printing, the users need to load a schematic of the object into the OLO mobile application which is available for the iOS, Windows and Android operating systems, and soon after that the samrtphone be fitted into the base under the reservoir. Moreover, a piece of polarized glass is installed into the base, which will face the touch screen of the smartphone when set in place.

Soon a user places the lid on the top and printer starts going, then the OLO mobile application will make the smartphone’s screen light up with a specific pattern. And the polarized glass will then take all this light and then redirect it, for allowing the travelling straightly upward, of all the photons.

Thus, the unique gadget is build up for the convenience of the users and it will surely be loved by the lovers of the new gadgets. It is offered in the price $ 99 dollars and its initial delivery would be hopefully started in this year (September).

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