New gene identified as cause, early detection of breast Cancer

United States: A new gene GT198 which repairs DNA, when it gets mutated causes breast cancer. Hence it is used to diagnose cancer of breast as a new target for treatment says Dr. Lan Ko, correspondent author, Augusta University. Gene mutations are present in ovarian and breast cancer early onset. Progenitor or the stem cells is the cause of breast cancer in mutated conditions as well as it also gives rise to healthy breast cells.

In premenopausal and postmenopausal ladies, 254 cases of cancer of breast were studied in an international survey. Ko has stressed that the gene can be mutated in the tumor tissue and the blood samples of breast cancer patients while it is present in large quantities in tissues of patients. The GT198 gene on mutation causes the breast cancer tumor to grow.

The study published in American Journal of Pathology sad that regardless of how much estrogen hormones you are having, the “out of control growth” of estrogen is caused by mutation of GT198. This gene is the coactivator for steroid hormone.

Dr Nita Maihle said appropriately that GT198 is the new target in breast cancer related cases. It is further emphasized that the common progenitor cell when it multiplies into inappropriate offspring by a cause and effect relationship causes tumorigenic environments which are deadly.

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