New Genetic Test for correctly diagnosing patients with their type of diabetes


United Kingdom: To avoid diagnosing with the wrong type of Diabetes, the diabetes expert- Dr. Richard Oram, from the University of Exeter Medical School, came up with the new genetic test for the disease, which as per him will help the doctors.

Dr. Richard Oram said that currently, the clinical diagnosis is based almost entirely on age at diagnosis and whether a patient is overweight.

There can be seen number of patients diagnosed with the wrong type of diabetes. It is notable that type 1 diabetes accounts for less than 10 per cent of the patients. And in such type of diabetes, the patient’s body, without insulin, cannot absorb sugar. However, type two diabetes can be seen always linked with obesity and also it can be developed at any age. In such cases, insulin cannot be correctly used by the body of patient and it can suffer damage to their pancreas. It is further notable that the wrong diagnosis can be fatal in the small minority of cases.

Moreover, the expert- Dr. Richard Oram found stated that his introduced genetic test, is clearly meant for measuring the genetic risk factors for the Type 1 diabetes. Also, after such measuring of the genetic risk in the patients with diabetes, the doctors can see, if it is higher for type 1 diabetes, that means the patients are very likely to have autoimmune type 1 diabetes. And when the doctor sees the genetic risk is low for type 1 diabetes, then such patients much more likely to have type 2 diabetes.

Thirty genetic variants in DNA were measured by test which was devised by team of Dr. Oram and it combines all the risks connected with them in a single score, acting as a genetic risk’s summary for type 1 diabetes.

As per Dr. Oram, the wrong diagnosis can let the person with type 2 diabetes to insulin for the rest of his life, when he don’t need the same. And this may result in the worst situation, when such types of diabetes are mislabelled. When person with type 1 diabetes, actually, if labelled with the Type 2 diabetes then he would not be treated with insulin, which, actually he needed, and this may, as per Dr. Oram suffer him “life threatening complications”.

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