New smartphone app “Heart App” can prevent Heart Attack

New Delhi: Cardiologists at Max Super Speciality Hospital in Saket New Delhi have developed smartphone apps which help people knowing signs of warning of heart attacks in advances thereby taking actions being precautionary. “Heart App” being developed by senior interventional cardiologist Rajeev Rathi has smaller question sets with numerous options. They are queries asked by cardiologists in cases of suspicion of heart diseases.

Patients with any kinds of breathlessness, discomforting of chests or uneasiness goes through such queries whilst selecting options being applicable to them. Taking into consideration all responses, heart apps reach conclusions as to whether symptoms encountered by patients fall into higher risks of heart diseases. This was told in official statements.

Additions to questionnaires are that this app has materials of reading regarding heart attacks, its signs of warnings ad treatments in concise and simplified ways. Users could quickly and easily go by means of it thereby referring to it in times of needs. Lots of times there are symptoms of warning fewer days before heart attack’s onset. In case of proper treatment, it results in prevention of full blowing attacks.

General masses unfortunately largely remain unaware of such symptoms. Hence they are unable for recognizing signs of warnings. Patients ignore symptoms for quite longer times. By times they reach hospital damages become irreversible and substantial. It is told by Rathi.

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